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This school has been amazing for both of my children. They’ve been ready for kindergarten after learning from these beautiful teachers. If you want an amazing school with amazing teachers and amazing parents... EMC is the best school in Mississauga for preschool.


This school is so much more then a school. It's a family. My daughter absolutely adores Mrs Julie and Mrs Sandi. She looks forward to going to school. She has made so many friends and so have we. One moment that stood out for me was my husband had to have major surgery. Mrs Julie came over with a meal so we didn't have to cook. It was so thoughtful. We are coming back next year and so happy to be a part of this family community.


Gosh this school is so great I don’t know where to start. The teachers are simply amazing. Mrs Julie & Mrs Sandi are exactly who you want around your preschoolers as they start along their learning journey. They are incredibly warm, loving, engaging, energetic and simply magical. Sad that this school year is coming to an end. We will miss this little place immensely but will be back soon.